Leading Worship and being in a non-Christian band

Man, I wish I had some theological explanation for why or how one can do this, but I don’t.

In fact, I don’t know why God has given me this opportunity, or at least allowed me to participate. Things were going well. I’ve been leading worship for about a year now, plugging away Sunday after Sunday, and working on improving my skills as best I can.

Then, I get the invite to jump back into the secular music scene.

A few years back, I had walked away from that whole lifestyle to focus on my family and serving God. I told myself, ‘you can’t serve two masters,’ and that brought some reassurance to my decision.

But, what if God is not making me choose? What if, I can have my art and express myself by making music to the best of my ability with guys I love? And, what if I can still serve Him by leading Worship services and being a part of His kingdom work?

I don’t really know how this plays out, or if it will work at all. I’m just doing the best I can with the gifts he’s given me, and that will be enough for now.

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  1. We’re commanded to take our faith with us wherever we go. We need to look for new opportunities to take the gospel to the world. That means reaching outside of the church. The world needs more artists/musicians/performers/entertainers who are Christians, not just Christian musicians. Our mission field is under our feet, wherever they are. Oh, BTW it won’t be easy, (you think you’re busy now?). Some people bowl, play cards or watch sports. I am a musician, but a Christ follower first. Good luck, have fun, be a blessing & be blessed. Dan

    • Hey, Dan! Thanks for this!

      It definitely isn’t easy to find a balance of where I invest my time. And I think part of me just feels guilty that I’m a band where the three other guys aren’t believers, and none of our songs are ‘Christian’ songs. You know what I mean?

  2. Yeah, I do know what you mean. I’ve had to draw a line & say no, I can’t do that song. I’m not preaching to my band to tell them how to live their lives, but that doesn’t change who I am and how I conduct myself. Jesus has called us out of the ways of the world only to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and sent back into the world. Christians need to be engaging the culture. We bear His image wherever we go & whatever we do. This is our calling. This is our purpose. I still struggle with the balance at times. It’s hard, but what is easy is seldom excellent. I hope I have encouraged you. Thanks for your postings. Dan

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