VOX AC4C1-12 Review… sort of

Below are some videos of the newest addition to the AC4 line, the 12″ speaker-boasting AC4C1-12.

Having owned all three versions of this amp, the AC4TV, AC4C1-BL, and now this little guy, I can honestly say that Vox nailed it this time.

The bigger cabinet and speaker make a WORLD of difference. Better bass response, tone controls that actually make a difference in your sound, and cool looks to boot.

Pardon the iPhone camera video quality, but I wanted to get these up ASAP.

I lucked into getting one of these 15% off, meaning I walked out with it at $298. Being a Worship Leader who mainly plays electric, this is a lifesaver of an amp. Portable, toneful, and just plain awesome.



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