The truth about the Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger – A review of sorts

In simple terms, it works.

Playing electric guitar at church is a challenge. In a church of just over 300 in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, there must exist a balance between traditional and contemporary. In other words, you won’t find me climbing on top of the piano and wailing on the solo of ‘November Rain.’

However, the biggest challenge, especially if you play anything with single coil pickups, is battling the hum that comes from electromagnetic interference, old wiring, fluorescent lights, rheostats, etc, while still maintaining a good, basic tone.


See, bad tone DOES exist. I mean, there’s a graph on the internet that proves it.

Enter the Hum Debugger. Mind you, I have tried countless things, including shielding and proper grounding to get rid of said hum, all to no avail. To my humble ears, there is a slight change in tone, but the payoff is a hum free signal. I highly suggest that you still properly ground and shield your guitars, but a stomp on this bad boy takes away that nasty hum. On the normal setting, you may hear some hum leftover, with little to no change in tone; the strong setting yields a little more change in tone, but squashes all the hum.


So there you go. On, the hum is gone. Off, the hum comes back. I am not sure how or why, but EHX has a real answer to the hum problem.



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