Why God chose my wife for me

I believe that there is a somewhat unrealistic expectation of marriage in our culture; get married and all your problems will go away. 

However, over the last few months I’ve been learning to embrace the idea that God uses my marriage to sharpen me. He makes me holy through being in relationship with my wife, and learning to love the way He first loved us. 

So, here is a bullet list of why I believe God chose my wife to be my life-long companion, best friend, and lover:

* She’s my best friend

* We can maneuver through schedule changes, new jobs, and an excellent blues set at a BBQ joint all in one week.

* She is adamant about saving. I am adamant about gear. 

* She challenges me to be a better person. 

* She loves to go on new adventures with me, which makes me want to actually have new adventures. 

* She prays for me.

* She loves me for me (ok, I know that’s a line from a cheesy song, but it’s true).

* She is an excellent cook. Seriously, I dare you to try her food and not like it.

* She respects me to be her leader, trusting that I will provide the love she needs.

* She seriously planned our entire wedding, all the while finding the best budget friendly everything. She is seriously magical like that.


I guess my inspiration to write this is that I feel like I’ve experienced too many people try at love and fail, having unrealistic expectations and therefore missing the forest for the trees. Mark 10:9 says that we are to “let no one split apart what God has joined together,” and that is truly my prayer for anyone who is struggling in a relationship. 

I am thankful to have married my best friend, and I will continue to appreciate the little things that make big differences. 



(Seriously, look at how fun our wedding was)


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