Internet Killed the Paperback Star… or, did it?



(Mr. Kerouac in all his beatnik brawn)

Often times, when I tell people that I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree on-line, I get the standard puzzling look, as if this internet contraption is somehow slowly killing higher education. However, more and more colleges throughout the country are starting to offer on-line courses, but why?

Frankly, I think they are catching on to the fact that not everyone can afford to not work and focus on school, especially those of us who have to support a family. 

One of my favorite aspects of going to school on-line is the availability of e-books, or digital textbooks. Not only do they save on paper, but they also make it easier to read and find the information you need to complete an assignment. The only drawback, of course, if that they don’t weigh 35 pounds each and you can’t learn proper posture with balancing a laptop on your head (or, can you?). 

Also, great adventures like On the Road, by Jack Kerouac should probably be read on paperback, so to keep with the nostalgia. 

Other than that, hooray for e-books!



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